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US Immigration


Levin Immigration Law provides expertise in both business and family migration to the United States.  


Many individuals need or desire to work in the United States.  Some may be pursuing a job opportunity with an American based company and some may be planning to make an investment in a business development in the United States, while others may simply need a visa for an extended business trip.  Levin Immigration Law handles all types of employment-related immigration cases.  We assess your needs and your eligibility and work to obtain the most desirable outcome for the employers and employees. 

Your right to work and conduct business in the United States is guided by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services agency (USCIS).  Federal law provides multiple classifications for business visas, depending on the background and skills of the applicant and the type of income-generating work they hope to pursue in America.  Our firm can help you determine the right visa type for your company.


Immigration to the United States can be a lengthy, involved process for an individual from another country.  That level of complexity increases exponentially when multiple family members wish to join a relative who has obtained permanent residency or citizenship.  During this process, meeting deadlines and complying with requests for the appropriate documentation is critical to having visa requests approved.  

At Levin Immigration Law, we understand and respect the urgency you may feel when attempting to sponsor a family member for a visa.  We have over forty years of experience practicing immigration law and have successfully aided thousands of families across the globe in resolving their immigration issues.  

Trust Levin Immigration Law for Immigration law Advice.  

The path to successful immigration can have many twists and turns.  Our firm can advise you on how to prepare the most successful applications and petitions, what to expect as far as timelines for decisions on your applications, and how to respond to requests from the USCIS.  We will fight for your right to enter and stay in the United States lawfully.  

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At Levin Immigration Law, we focus on US Immigration and Australia Migration, and we are here to listen to you and help you navigate the legal system.

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