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E-3 Visas for Australians

Lauren Levin is the leading expert in successful E-3 visa applications.  She was the only US immigration attorney based in Australia when the E-3 Visa was created in 2005.  No one has submitted more successful E-3 visa applications than Levin Immigration Law.

E-3 Visas for Australian Nationals

Established in 2005, the E-3 Visa allows Australian citizens to live and work in the US in a specialty occupation.  An E-3 visa is typically valid for a two-year period.  Unlike any other visa, an E-3 can be renewed indefinitely in two-year increments.  

To qualify for an E-3 you must:

  1. Hold an Australian passport and be an Australian citizen.
  2. Hold either a University Degree or the equivalent to a US Bachelor's Degree OR 12 years of relevant work experience in a specialized field.  
  3. Have a US job offer in a specialty occupation.

To serve as an E-3 Visa sponsor, the US company must:

  1. Pay the employee on a US payroll

  2. Pay the employee at or above the prevailing wage based on the specialty occupation and location of employment.

  3. Obtain an approved Labor Condition Application (“LCA”) from the US Department of Labor. .  Please see the following link for more information

Assistance with E-3 Visa Applications and Renewals

Levin Immigration Law provides the expertise and experience to take all the stress, worry, and hassle out of the E-3 visa application process.  We provide the following services:

  • Analyze your situation and evaluate potential visa options

  • Provide you with guidance in obtaining the required documentation to qualify

  • Assist you in identifying the appropriate Specialty Occupation.

  • Work in conjunction with your US employer to prepare and submit the Labor Condition Application

  • Liaise with the appropriate US governmental agencies including the US Labor Department, US Immigration Service, and US Consular posts.  


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