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Australian Migration Agent in the United States

Australian Migration Agent

Registered Australian Migration Agent and Immigration Law Specialist

Levin Immigration Law is your Australian Visa and Citizenship Specialists.  We help those looking to live and work in Australia, providing visa assistance, legal guidance, and advice.  We have the experience and understanding of complex Australian immigration laws to make your migration process as smooth and easy as possible.  

Whether you seek to relocate for business or visit temporarily, we can explain Australian migration law and procedure.  

Unfortunately, we cannot assist in expediting current and pending cases unless they were prepared by Levin Immigration Law.  

Unlike the US immigration system, there are hundreds of different Australian visa sub-classes available.  A Registered Australian Migration Agent can ensure that your application will be properly prepared and submitted under the correct category which will offer you the best chance of a successful outcome.  

Australian visa application fees frequently cost several thousand dollars and are non-refundable.  A Registered Australian Migration Agent is more likely to be up-to-date on the latest relevant legislation and changes to current migration law and visa regulations.  

Using Levin Immigration Law will insure that your visa application will be processed as quickly as possible with the Australian government and have the greatest likelihood of success.


Lauren Levin is only one of four Registered Australian Migration Agents with a US office.  

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At Levin Immigration Law, we focus on US Immigration and Australia Migration, and we are here to listen to you and help you navigate the legal system.

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