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Australian Work Visas

Levin Immigration Law is the leading Australia Migration Firm Based in the United States 

Led by one of the few Registered Australian Migration Agents located in the U.S., our firm provides legal guidance to individuals seeking to live and work in Australia.  

Examples of Australian Work Visas for your consideration

What is a Temporary Skill Shortage Visa, Subclass 482?

This category is for Australian employers seeking to fill a skills shortage with international employees.  

  1. The Australian employer needs to qualify as an “Approved Sponsor” and demonstrate they are actively operating in Australia.
  2. The company must nominate the visa applicant to work in an occupation that is listed on either the “Medium and Long Term Strategic Skilled Occupation List” or the “Short-term Skilled Occupation List.”
  3. The visa applicant must submit an application demonstrating their qualifications to work in the Skilled Occupation.  

If I do not have an Australian employer, can I live and work in Australia permanently?

You may be eligible for a Skilled Independent Visa (Permanent) Subclass 189 also known as the “points scheme.”

  1. Make sure your occupation is on the “Medium and Long-Term Skilled Occupation List.”
  2. Meet the pass mark in the skilled migration points test.
  3. Be aged between 18 and 44 inclusive.
  4. Obtain a positive Skills Assessment from the relevant assessing authority.
  5. Have Competent English or higher.
  6. Meet the health and character requirements.
  7. Lodge an Expression of Interest and be invited to apply.   

I am going to temporarily work in Australia, do I need a work visa or can I just use the Electronic Travel Authorization program?

It all depends on how long you intend to stay in Australia and the type of work you intend to perform.  If you have highly specialized skills, knowledge or experience that can help an Australian business and cannot be reasonably found in Australia, you may be eligible for a Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) visa Subclass 400.  

Our office is available to assist you in evaluating the appropriate visa category. We will:

  • Analyze your options and discuss potential scenarios for your consideration.
  • Assist you and your company in collecting the required documentation.
  • Apply for the most appropriate visa category and ensure requirements are met.
  • Prepare and submit all forms and documentation.
  • Communicate with the Australian government on your behalf.
  • Monitor and keep you updated on the entire migration application process.

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