US Immigration: Family-based

US immigration and US visas for fiance, fiancee, spouse, partner, or childUS Immigration: Family-based

While US immigration forms are simple, the law and the procedures required for a US Citizen to bring their loved ones to the US are remarkably complicated and often change based on current demand.

We will explain complex and confusing US immigration procedures to assist you with determining the most efficient path through the legal maze required to relocate your loved ones to another country. Contact us to schedule a consultation and will will help you navigate family-based US immigration matters such as visas for fiance(e)s (K-1), spouses, partners, and children.


Due to frequent changes in immigration law and procedure, the information contained in this website is given as a convenience to the general public. It does not constitute legal advice, nor does it constitute an attorney-client relationship. For legal advice regarding your specific situation, please contact us to set up a consultation.