Testimonials and Visa Successes

Immigration attorney in Sydney for E-3 visas USARecent Testimonials and Visa Success

“I was granted my E-3 visa today. Thank you so much. I will be sure to refer your services to other people that might require professional advice relating to US visa applications.” –E-3 visa client, 2019

“Yahh! I was approved today. Everything went smoothly. Thank you so much for all your help, especially working in with my tight turnaround. I am so excited with the outcome.” –E-3 client, 2018

“I wanted to let you know I was successful in being granted a tourist visa. All went well at the consular interview and they are going to issue me a 10-year visa. This is a better outcome than I could have ever hoped for. I wanted to pass onto you my sincere appreciation and thankfulness for the outstanding work that you have put into my case.” – B1/B2 client, 2015

“Thank you for providing us with a thorough understanding of our situation. We particularly appreciated your clear and well-informed answers to all of our questions.  You were amazing and I definitely agree we got a lot of value from using your consultation services. All the best for the future, and thanks again for providing us with the information you did.” -Consultation, 2015

“Every morning when I wake up in the US and am trying to do what I love and do best, I will be grateful for the opportunity that I almost missed out on and that would have ended my career. Thank you so much.” -Green Card client, 2014

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